Robert Tipton-- Slyman Real Estate, Knoxville TN 28 yr REALTOR


My wife and I have dealt with at least a dozen Realtors in other cities and at least 5 others here in Knoxville, TN. We didn't realize how much we lacked from our previous agents until we met Robert Tipton.

We initially came into contact with Robert because he was the listing agent on a house we found online. Before we met up, I was fully prepared to thank him for the tour of the house and move on without his help. However, at every point of contact, he was prepared with helpful information. He truly seemed to "get" our needs and was very good at understanding what we wanted. We ended up really loving the service he provided.

I can't begin to describe how frustrating it was when the other agents would shotgun us with houses that really didn't meet our desires. Robert Tipton did an AMAZING job of presenting us with selections that worked for us. He seems to care enough to spend the time.

In the internet age, it's tempting for a buyer like me to cut out the "middle man" and save a bit of cash. I admit, I've been tempted before. And if I ever doubted the value of a Realtor, Robert Tipton reminded me with his work. There were a number of hiccups in our deal (due to title, inspection, seller issues, etc...) There wasn't a single moment when Robert wasn't 10 steps ahead of me on all of it. Then, at closing, we saw the disclosure of his commission. The split was very much in favor of the listing agent (Robert practically did his work for free). I would never have guessed he was putting so much work in for so little return. He navigated us through a very difficult deal and never gave us the impression that we were a burden.

When we sell our current house, we will sell it with Robert Tipton. Furthermore -- when this happens, he will sell us our next house as well.

Please don't mistake my praise for being a schill. I'm truly just a guy who met him in the exact way I described. My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Robert, so forgive me if I've laid it on too thick -- but it's true. Yes, I'm a big fan of Robert. If you're anything short of 100% pleased with your current Realtor, seriously, give Robert Tipton a try. 
  Kevin Holmes

  • Posted by gokevgo on 10/26/2011 

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